We are proud that there are no costs associated with participating in our casts, crews, and creative teams. We are fervently committed to removing barriers to be part of the Hillcrest Village Community. Throughout the year, we strive to offer affordable options for participating in community events. This commitment means that we rely on donations and sponsorships to achieve our mission. 

Your sponsorship is used to help fund rights and licensing for the shows we put on, the spaces we rent, production equipment and costume rentals, supplies for sets and props, administrative fees for supporting our organization (such as software licenses, ticketing and processing fees, marketing costs, and honorariums for administrative staff), and so much more.

We are so grateful for community members and local businesses who have the means to support us monetarily. Without you, access to participation in the arts and this community would not be possible.

Curious to learn more? Contact us at hello@hillcrestvillageplayers.ca

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The Sound of Music Limited Edition Merch: Edelweiss T-Shirt


A simple and soft t-shirt with an ode to this beautiful flower and song...


Thank you to our artist, Regatu Asefa, for this wonderful design! 






Chloe Lederman; Diana Berry Season 1, Dance Captain Season 2

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