Season 3: Footloose

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People are drawn to Footloose for many reasons… the catchy familiar songs, the phenomenal dancing … the Kevin Bacon. I was drawn to Footloose because it is about so much more than a town forbidding dance.

This story is about a town learning how to live again after a tragedy. It is a story of collective grief, and of one person using control as their coping mechanism.

We use control to feel safe in our surroundings. Fear of the unknown can be scary, and the more we try to control what is around us, the more we think that we can protect ourselves from hurt, from grief. But we can’t. 

Through my own grief journey, I have used control to cope with my pain. Building and controlling my schedule … Building and controlling my relationships … building and controlling a theatre company. It was exhausting trying to keep up with my own expectations of myself while trying to control everything around me. 

But sharing control and letting go is what is building this community. It is allowing the space for the cast to create authentic deep friendships, and allowing all production volunteers autonomy in their art. It makes me emotional to think that this season has created a space where all those involved truly feel part of the team.  

In Footloose, dancing is a metaphor for joy. It is a metaphor for living life to the fullest. And it takes a kid to show the community that controlling dance, controlling life, is not going to stop the grieving. The more we lean into life, into the full circle and hardships of life, the more we are able to see and celebrate the joys that come our way. 

And for that reason, this production is dedicated to Amy - and the joyful life she led. 

To our audiences, my ask of you is simple: Forget the outside world tonight. Forget your to-do lists or your worries. Be present to this moment. Feel the incredible joy of dancing, of celebrating life. “There is a time for everything... a time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to mourn. And a time to dance.

Enjoy the show! 


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